Friday, September 29, 2006

Frugal Friday

Thought it was about time I give this Frugal Friday thing a try!

My disclaimer is that I'm not the best at pinching pennies, but I'm getting better!

Okay, here's something my mom shared with me:

Cut the feet off of baby sleepers and hem the bottoms to extend the wear of the item! Our baby boy is three months old today and like his dad is very looong with big feet! (Dad is 6'4".) We were prepared for the long feet and as a result I didn't buy too many footed pajamas. People still gifted them to us, though, and in order to keep a fast-growing baby in clothes, cutting off the bottoms is about to become a lifesaver!

This might not be a great tip if a) you really love footed PJs or b) if you're concerned about having feet on clothes for any other babies! I'm so-so about footed outfits, it's the one-piece aspect that is more important to me. (It's also tough to find a variety of sleep and plays without feet!)

My second tip is a no-brainer, especially for cloth diaperers: cloth (especially) flannel baby wipes! They can be washed with the diapers and are so gentle on baby's skin! You can buy fabric of course, or recycle from clothing and other items around the house! I prefer flannel or fleece because I think that the terry in washcloths is a little too abrasive.

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  1. I had the same problem with my baby shooting out of the feet in PJ's ,Then my problem was around 5 months he started taking off his socks once I put him to bed! It seems you just can't win!