Thursday, July 28, 2011

Close Call

A precocious baby...

A cat door...

The steep basement stairs...

Turns out, my mother was right and Baby Brother can fit through the cat door.

I went downstairs to grab laundry and as I was down there, the crying from above got very loud. I came around the corner to reassure him that yes, I was coming, when I saw Baby Brother completely through the cat door with his hands on the first gray step. In other words, he had already gone down one step, and he was head first and ready to roll. Fortunately, in the moment it took me to leap up to him, he didn't let go.

It makes me sick even 24 hours later to think what could have happened. The cat door is locked now and this weekend some changes will be made!

Thank God and Baby Brother's guardian angel (although I think this kid might need more than one)!

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