Thursday, March 11, 2010

Play Spaces Revisited

After our creation of a school room two weekends ago, our main living/play space underwent some dramatic changes of its own! Here is a very out-of-date post on our playroom. It changed quite a bit even before our big move this month. I'll have to do a another "tour" soon.

First, we added a train table that we found on Craigslist in the foyer (or "playroom extension"). This is were our four-sided bookcase used to be along with the cozy corner. Now it houses the water table when not in use, a small shelf of toys and the train/play table in the middle of the room. This came with two small stools so we're also using it for play dough and other messy projects.

Since our child-size table moved upstairs along with our four-sided shelf, I moved the boys' arm chairs from the music room/library and bought a small display bookcase for our current reads (non-curricular).

Not sure if it's the librarian in me or what, but I adore this!

We'd finally had enough of our Craigslist couch and ottoman (and the chair in the music room), so I sold them and found this couch on Craigslist instead! It is in much better shape: our old one was very faded and had spots and back cushions never stayed in place or well-fluffed. This one is much better and even came with a "chocolate" slip-cover to help combat kid-use.

Last but not least, after being inspired by Emma and Father John's addition of French doors to transform a dining room into Fr. John's office, we added doors to our music room/library to keep the cats out. This room has been gated and off-limits to the boys their whole lives, but the cats were getting into trouble in there. It was time for a change! This will allow my husband to practice in there as well without disturbing sleeping children or other house activities. (Though we all love to hear him play!)


  1. I've long wanted a display bookshelf. ~sigh~ You know, I almost decided to go to librarian school. I would have loved it!

  2. I love those face-out book racks. We have one that's a hand-me-down from a friend who used to work in a children's hospital, and it's one of my favorite things. Currently it lives in my kitchen and houses all the science books for my younger kids -- I've been wanting them to browse for independent science reading.

    We have a ratty-but-soft non-slip rug from Target on the kitchen floor by the books, and the kids like to lie there to read.

    Your hearth-with-books looks wonderful.