Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Before and After: School Room

Totally embarrassing "before" picture. This was our guest/sewing/exercise room and this is what it looked like after I spent time sewing last week and the boys amused themselves with whatever they could find.

After! What a difference in 48 hours! I am in LOVE with this room now!

If you pop over to Flickr, you can read my notes. Enjoy the tour!

Such a peaceful and lovely space...just don't look at the master bedroom for a few more days until I finish weeding out what I don't need from the old room and cleaning off my sewing table!


  1. Wonderful job Courtney! In reading your comments, I saw your wish for a bigger table. I have a suggestion. When my littles were much littler, I had a coffee table that was purchased at a garage sale. It was the perfect height for the little chairs I had and really gave them room to spread out. It got really dinged up, but was later refurbished with a coat of matte black paint when they "outgrew" it. Another thing I considered was salvaging legs from a taller (maybe kitchen) table and replacing the short coffee table legs. That would have lengthened it's life and it could have also doubled as a side table in an entryway...just some of my garbled thoughts ;0)


  2. Ah, Courtney, I knew I shouldn't come look at your new school room! I'm full of ideas and I'm ready to spend about $2,000 in one shot buying so many amazing home school supplies!!! Where, oh where, did you find that four-sided bookshelf?