Saturday, October 24, 2009

A New Look

As I posted a month or so ago, I've been having trouble with scratched corneas. After a recent eye exam (where the doctor saw three scars!), I decided to go "glasses-only" for the foreseeable future. My old glasses were ten years old since I've wearing contacts full time. I ordered some spiffy new ones and decided to get my hair cut too. My hair was nearing waist-length (can't find a recent picture where it's not tied back), and I wanted it just past my shoulders so I could still pull it back easily. My stylist got a little carried away, and it's much shorter than I wanted. I don't love it by any means, but I guess I'm used to it by now. Nothing to do by wait until it grows out!

Last November...

Last week...


  1. It looks good! Don't worry, it will grow back in no time!

  2. You look great! What beautiful curly hair you have. You know from my blog that I have long hair too. I recently "went wild" and had three inches taken off and it's even a little too short for my comfort. Thankfully hair grows back!