Saturday, October 31, 2009

Black Walnut Season

We have five Black Walnut trees in our yard (and more young ones in the fields!) and every year we enjoy searching the walnuts as they fall from the trees. We have a very saucy red squirrel that also loves these trees and throughout the year leaves walnut shells all around the yard, deck, and porches. He scolds us very vehemently when we dare to come close to "his" trees (or even when we play in the fenced yard!), but last weekend we did some searching through the piles of leaves anyway! We found quite a few, but replaced them all for the little guy.

Freshly fallen from the tree.

One that's a little older and a shell.

The trees. It was a breathtaking day!


  1. Your tree photo is beautiful. I never knew squirrels made a noise until last year.

    I was at my grandma's and walked under the WRONG tree. I heard this hoarse screeching sound, like a bird with a bad cold. I looked around and saw a very angry squirrel.

    Between The hoarse screeching and how it kept darting closer and closer, I thought it must be rabid. Later my uncle explained to me that I had walked into the squirrel's territory. Yikes!

  2. Neat! I've never seen a freshly fallen black walnut inside the fruit.