Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Castle Set

Shhh...you're getting a sneak peak at a gift for our boys. Not sure when yet, but possibly Michaelmas (our older son's namesday). I'm posting it now because I'm so eager to show off the figures and rave about Anne Moze All Wood Toys. Let me back up a bit first.

I bought the castle through one of my Yahoo! Groups several months ago. It was an incredible bargain. Finding figures for it, however, was not an easy task. Because it's a "mini" castle, the regular Kinderkram, Holztiger, and Ostheimer figures are far too big and would tower over the castle walls. Simply not acceptable! We purchased several wood figures from Anne Moze in the past (which we adore!), but her castle figures are similar in size to the ones mentioned above. I decided to go ahead, though, and contact her to ask about a custom order for smaller figures on a Wednesday afternoon. She responded within hours that she was familiar with the castle we own, and told me she couldn't "get to it" before Saturday and hoped that was okay. Can you believe it? I assured her, of course, I was in no rush; anytime was fine. WELL. I heard from her Monday-- only five days later. The figures were done! I received them three days later. From inquiry to order received was eight days. And no shoddy, hurried work here. They are beautiful and just want I wanted! I know the boys will be absolutely delighted! We'll be playing with these for many years to come!

I cannot recommend this shop enough. The German-made figures are wonderful, yes, but so are these made in the U.S.A. by a work-at-home mom. Her work is impeccable and her prices are more than fair. Thank you, Anne!


  1. I love the figures and the castle is so beautiful! You have lucky boys!!

  2. I love the dragon and the wizard! Are these also from Anne Moze? I don't see them as part of her collection. The dragon on her page looks different. Did you provide her an image of the dragon to go by? I love yours! Thanks! :)

  3. They are Anne Moze as well. I asked her for custom pieces, but I didn't provide any pictures. It's possible she designed the dragon based on the Ostheimer or Holztiger dragons.