Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Art Studio Visit

Today we returned to the art studio we visited last month.

The children finished the project they began last time. The owner of the studio fired the clay animals after our last trip and today each child painted them as well the "scene" and then we assembled the pictures.

Isn't this a beautiful rainbow fish-- and so well camouflaged?

After the children finished their first project, the teacher read them Snowmen at Christmas and then they made snowmen! Everything was ready for the children and they painted then added arms, nose, etc. to bring the snowmen to life! I think our snowman will have a permanent place in our winter nature scene each year!

Little brother had a good time too! He managed to dip his fingers in my watercolors and watched the entire process with wide eyes! It won't be long before he joins in!

M. is absolutely delighted with both of these projects, and as another mom said today, "They are definitely "forever" projects!"

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  1. WOW!! I love the fish project!! Are you going to hang it on the wall of the playroom? The snow man is so cute:)