Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mama Lena's Story

Lena came to the animal shelter in April 2007. She gave birth to a litter of kittens and nurses them until they were ready to be adopted. All her babies went to loving homes. After raising her own kittens, Lena then became foster mom nursing a little of kittens who did not have a mother of their own. They, too, were adopted.

A cat who's a lactivist! How could we leave her there, especially after 8 months? Lena is a very petite cat, even smaller than Zuzu (who only weighs 6 1/2 lbs.). She has an incredible amount of energy, which thrills Nunzio. He finally has a playmate who can keep up with him. (Zuzu is very low-key and ladylike-- at least when one's watching.)

The shelter warned that after being caged for so long, Lena could have a hard time adjusting to freedom. Well, they underestimated her. Right from the moment we arrived home, Lena has been all over the house, loving to cause as much of an uproar as she can! She and Nunzio are having a tussle right now! She's a tough little cookie and can stand up for herself against three bigger animals!

Welcome to the family, Lena!


  1. A lactivist cat! I LOVE it! She's a cutie

  2. Awww, welcome Lena! (And Woodstock? Did you get him at the same time?)