Sunday, December 16, 2007

New (to us) Kitchen Table

While there are much more exciting things going on in the blogosphere, we've been in the midst of the little kitchen update.

Some close friends on ours have been moving out of their home into something smaller, and to help them out, we've been involved in the great Kitchen Table Swap of Aught Seven.

Their kitchen table and chairs are way to large for the new house, so here's what we did: my ever-patient DH spent yesterday morning dismantling our kitchen table and loading it, two leaves, and six chairs into his truck. (You can see our table, minus leaves, here.)

He drove one hour back to our hometown to my parents' house. There, he and my dad unloaded our table and loaded up their tables and chairs. They drove over to our friends' new house (just around the corner this time) and unloaded my parents' table there. (Following?) They then drove over to the friends' old house and dismantled their old table and loaded up it and six chairs back into DH's truck. Whew. My dad drove back to his our and DH drive an hour back here. Once he arrived, we reassembled our "new table" and promptly collapsed into our new-to-us chairs.

I should note: he collapsed because of all the physical labor. I collapsed due to feeling sick. Sidekick collapsed (or jumped) into his chair because he wanted a snack.

So everyone ended up with a "new table." I recommend this to anyone wanting to update their furniture without spending a dime! (Other than gas...)

I am completely in love with this new table, especially the fact that it's a laminate top (not oak) and doesn't need to be covered with a tablecloth all the time that will inevitably end up with drips, stains, etc. after five minutes. On the flip side, my mother is left wondering if her "new table" (our old one) is going to be too short to effectively use as a workspace. Both of us are satisfied, though, that we were able to help out friends in a tight spot and we hope they are happy with their new table!

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  1. We did the same thing a few years ago, ours was too small for the kitchen, my cousin's was too big for the kitchen...

    Beautiful table!