Monday, July 16, 2007

A First

Yesterday, for the first time, DH and I left DS in the capable hands of my mother and sister, and went to a movie! This was the first time we successfully left him to do something together. We tried to attend a Christmas concert in early December, but the baby was so upset we had to come home at intermission! Since then, I've only been away from him for short spurts, and DH and I haven't attempted to go out again.

After hemming and hawing, though, we took the plunge and went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I could barely enjoy the film because I was so nervous. It's such a long movie and the closest theater is about thirty minutes away, so if there was a problem it would have taken us a while to get home. I kept my hand on my cell phone (switched to vibrate) through the entire movie. Happily, though, they had a great time! Grandma and Auntie Whit took DS out to lunch (more for them than him, obviously!), played the piano, and went outside.

In fact, they were having so much fun, DS didn't take his afternoon nap, and around 5:30, in the middle of supper...

The head bobbed, the eyes closed, the teething cracker went unnoticed. Cruel parents that we are, we of course whipped out the cameras and I called my sister to let her know. Don't worry! He kept jerking back awake, and after a minute we rescued him and cleaned him up. Needless to say, we had an early bedtime last night!


  1. Congratulations on the milestone! What size do you anticipate he'll be wearing this winter? I still want to knit him something that he hopefully won't be too big for by the time I finish. :)

  2. That's so awesome, Kat! Well, he's wearing 24 months now, though the pants tend to be a little long. He has a long torso and shorter legs (got those from me, I think), so he almost needs 24M top and 18M bottom. It's hard to say for sure, but I don't think we could go wrong with 2T/3T (probably).

  3. Whohoooooo! Date nights are the glue that keeps marriages together, and he was clearly in capable hands

  4. He is so cute! I really hope that God blesses us with another babe soon!

  5. Sounds good. I ended up giving the infant thing I started for him to someone else, because I didn't get it done in time. So I want to make sure I do something nice and big this time... :)