Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I think I'm in love...

...with my Moby Wrap! I love babywearing and I think it's becoming an obsession. I have been on the search for The Perfect Carrier, and I think I may have found it! The Baby Who Barely Sleeps aka Little Brother (11 weeks) slept almost THREE (three!) straight hours in this today!

He shifted around a bit during his time in there and his position wasn't perfect. The fabric should reach all the way to the inside of his knee. He was a bit lopsided by the time he woke up, but I guess he didn't mind too much!

I also use a Babyhawk Mei Tai, an Ergo, and a Beco Butterfly. The Ergo is my go-to for older babies (my toddler still loves it), but I think the Moby is my new favorite for a newborn! I was afraid to use it with my first baby and even with my second, but once I tried it...true love for both baby and me!


  1. i have a few friends that switched from moby to sleepy wrap ( -they say you don't need to retie it all the time and the cloth is soft like a butter :) i am definitely getting myself one with my next one (hopefully soon ;)

  2. I wanted to get a moby for toby, but couldn't justify the cost with all my other carriers i've tried I've always gone back to the Maya wrap. I have a homemade wrap, it works. Sweet pictures.

  3. Courtney -

    My first child (who is now 13 - egads!) had to be carried constantly or she was not happy. She STILL doesn't require much sleep. My carrier was a lifesaver - and believe me, they've come a long way since I first used one.

    Hope you and your precious family are well!