Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Bread 2008

Last year I showed pictures of my first attempt at making Easter Bread. This year, I thought I'd give a peek at the process! There are quite a few steps, and the bread rises three times so we started bright and early (7 AM).

First things first-- dye the eggs! Coloring raw eggs is a delicate business, but we didn't break one!

Scalding the milk and adding the sugar, lemon, and butter.
Skipping ahead, because kneading is the best part!

While we wait for the dough to rise (twice!), here's the view from my kitchen window this morning. Bright but only about 20 degrees.

Just 'cause she's a cutie and wasn't causing trouble, here's Miss Lena:

Looks good! Time to braid.

The dough is separated into fourths, rolled out, and braided. The eggs are tucked in and will cook as the bread bakes. I made one circle and one loaf to save eggs.

Voila! Ready for Easter dinner tomorrow.


  1. Looks great! I'm impressed. It didn't really feel like Easter with it being so cold and snowy, huh?

  2. Verry impressive!! How did you get it to turn out so picture perfect??

  3. Kat, at least it was sunny. That gave the illusion of spring, I guess!

    Courtney, thanks! The bread did come out very well this year. I guess all the conditions were just right. I did have to braid it a few times before I was satisfied, however!