Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wood Floors Revealed!

For reference, before picture is here.

Even the closet looks better!

As a side note, anyone have any ideas for curtains? There are four windows in the master bedroom, including the double window you see above. I was thinking maybe eyelet to match the bedskirt. Thoughts?


  1. Wow! Beautiful work being done at your house. There is nothing I like better than rich, wood floors!

  2. The floors look great, Courtney!

  3. We did that at our old house, and I miss having wood floors throughout now. Hopefully we'll get the downstairs done soon, but we are probably years from the upstairs too.

    Gorgeous! Good job

  4. May I ask what kind of flooring you put in? Real hardwood, scraped wood, engineered wood? It look beautiful!!!

  5. Hi Matilda,

    In the master bedroom, we haven't replaced the floors yet! This is what we discovered when we ripped the carpet out. Wonderful, huh? I have no idea when/if we'll refinish the floors or replace them. In the baby's bedroom, we put down hardwood laminate (also what we used in our old house). I have pictures to post of that finished project as well...